Apple Approves Opera Mini for iPhone [video]

Well, well, well. Who would have seen this coming? Sure enough, it seems that everything is about to change. Or, if you believe that when Apple actually does something as crazy as allow a third-party developer to get a web browser (you know, like Safari) approved for the App Store as a sign of the end times, we'll let you read into this what you will. But, Opera has officially announced today that Apple has given the green light to their Opera Mini web browser for the App Store.

Which means, as you've already guessed, that the Opera Mini Web browser will be available for the iPhone and iPod Touch soon. And, in fact, sooner than we could have imagine: some time in the next 24 hours, to be exact. There's no details as of yet, other than the fact that the new browser will in fact be free, but we're sure that sooner than later, we'll get a whole hand full of stuff to showcase.

But, we imagine that many of you are already in the App Store, hitting refresh, waiting to see if it's there. You'll probably have to a bit more patient, but hey, at least it's happening, right? Now you have an option to browse the Internet! Our only question now, is will it be optimized for the iPad as well, or is the new tablet shunned from the groundbreaking announcement? We'll see, in the next 24 hours.