Apple Applies for Patent to Pause and Resume Media on Separate Devices

Apple certainly loves their patents. Even if they don't have any plans to actually implement the idea into the physical world for several years, they're quick about snapping up those patents. It's a plan that's worked for them over the years, and they're probably not going to stop any time soon. This time around, they've got a patent that could see you playing a video on your Apple TV, pausing it there, and then picking up right where you left off on your Apple mobile device.

At least, that's the basic idea. The patent shows that you'd be able to either play a music track, or watch a movie, and pause it on one device, like Apple TV, and then resume from where you paused on your iPod Touch or iPhone. It would sync the data in the cloud, making sure to save your spot so you don't miss a beat (or minute of video).

It's not as mind blowing as we would like, but it certainly opens up the door for keeping our media on the go, just as much as we are. And, we'll just go ahead and assume that it's not nearly as complicated as the picture would lead us to believe it would be. Considering this talk about the upcoming Apple TV, and how it all plays so well with the iPhone HD, we are certainly excited to see if this makes it to the market any time soon.

[via Apple Insider]