Apple App Store racks up big sales for 2013

Early in the days of the iPhone and other smartphones many people though apps would be a big money maker, but you might not have know just how big a money maker cheap apps would be. Apple has announced its App Store sales for 2013 and the money made was huge.

The App Store topped $10 billion in sales for 2013. Apple says that customers spent over $1 billion in the App Store during December alone. Customers downloaded almost 3 billion apps in December to make it the most successful month in the history of the App Store.

Apple also notes that things have been good for developers. Devs have made $15 billion on the App Store since it launched. Apple also says that iOS 7 allowed developers to make apps that took advantage of the redesigned interface and more than 200 features and APIs.

The App Store is currently available in 155 countries around the world with over 500,000 native iPad apps available. Each year the number of apps sold continues to grow, 2014 should be a big year for apps yet again. Check out our story on the best apps of 2013 to see some of the most popular software available last year.