Apple and Samsung further streamline patent case

Apple and Samsung had both been asked in the past to drop patent claims from an upcoming lawsuit, due to be held on July 30th, for fear it would overwhelm a jury. Both companies complied, and now it looks like the duo will be dropping even more. FOSS Patents reports that Judge Koh wants to streamline the case even further, as well as restricting the amount of time both companies have to present their case.

Due to the strict time limitations, both parties will find it hard to argue a wealth of patent and intellectual property claims, resulting in this additional reduction. While both Apple and Samsung have narrowed their cases, Judge Koh will ultimately have the final word on what will make it to trial. Apple is said to have dropped a patent relating to a "multipoint touchscreen", as well as a trade dress claims against Samsung's packaging.

Samsung has reduced its number of claims from 15 to 9. The company will be making two claims against each of its three patents, and one claim each on another three patents. Judge Koh is expected to make a final verdict relating to the reduction in claims fairly shortly. The trial for the case will begin on July 30th.