Apple adds 3D flyover support for three more cities

Apple has been working hard to make its maps better and improve what users think of its maps service after the fiasco when Apple Maps first rolled out. The maps were not good initially and the press was so bad that Apple CEO Tim Cook apologized to users. One of the cooler features for maps that Apple has been rolling out is 3D flyovers.

These 3D flyovers give you a bird's eye view of a city. Apple has announced that it has added flyover support to three more cities. The three new cities include Perth Australian, Saint-Tropez France, and Cordova Spain. Apple now has about 80 cities with Flyover support.

Flyovers debuted when Apple rolled out iOS6. Technology that Apple purchased in the acquisition of C3 technologies in 2011 made the 3D Flyover possible. Apple's 3D flyovers also show off popular landmarks in addition to cities.

Landmarks that have flyover support include Mt. Rushmore, the Hoover Dam, and others. There are cities from all around the world with flyover support.

SOURCE: CultofMac