Apple adds and expands Maps flyover in 30 cities

Craig Lloyd - Mar 13, 2013
Apple adds and expands Maps flyover in 30 cities

While it may not seem noticeable at first, Apple is continuing to update its Maps app with the addition and expansion of features. Case in point, within the past couple of months, Apple has added and expanded its flyover feature in 30 cities around the world, including locations like Indianapolis, Indiana and Glasgow in Scotland.

Most of the new locations that have received the flyover feature for the first time are mostly US cities, including locations such as the Hoover Dam, but Glasgow and Cologne, Germany also received flyover for the first time. Places that received expanded coverage are mostly European cities, but US cities like Boston, Portland, and Houston also received updates.

Furthermore, 12 cities received updates to 3D buildings for Standard view and turn-by-turn navigation, all of which are cities located in Europe and the UK, including Barcelona, Berlin, London, Munich, and Rome. Most of the cities that received an update are larger cities, so you may be waiting awhile for flyover and 3D buildings to come to your smaller town.

Apart from that, Apple has made some updates to city labels in locations worldwide, and they also improved satellite imagery in a number of countries. The company added more location information for Apple Stores, movie theaters, restaurants, airports, businesses, and transit stops. You can expect Apple to constantly be updating its Maps platform for a while, since the initial launch of the app didn’t go too well for the company.

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