Apple A8 chip detailed: 64-bit 2nd gen

Chris Burns - Sep 9, 2014, 12:26pm CDT
Apple A8 chip detailed: 64-bit 2nd gen

This morning Apple revealed the iPhone 6, the iPhone 6 Plus, and the chip that’ll be bringing them intelligence. You’ll find the Apple A8 Chip inside both of these machines – that’ll be 64-big second-generation processing power. That’ll be brought to you on a super tiny 20-nanometer process, too.

With 2 billion transistors on just a 20-nanometer process, you’ll find this chip bringing “up to 25% faster CPU” processing than on Apple’s previous chip. This chip will also bring 50% faster graphics than the past chip.

Of slightly less important note: this chip will be up to 84% faster than the first iPhone. That’s kinda wild.

To demonstrate the power of this chip, Apple summoned their Game and Open GL development engine Metal. They introduced this system last year for game developers for iOS, and now we’re seeing brands like EA Games, Disney, Midoki, Rovio Stars, Epic Games, Gameloft, and Ubisoft take command.

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