Apple 3D flyovers take a trip to Europe, Japan, and Mexico

Trying to make a bigger claim on the maps and navigation market, Apple has extended its admittedly captivating 3D flyover feature to 21 new areas spread across Europe, Mexico, and one in Japan. Now both local and tourists can enjoy an almost breathtaking digital 3D view of these places. But more than just a pretty sight, the 3D visualization of these maps could help give users a more solid grasp (pun totally intended) of the topography as well as the landmarks of a given area.

Apple's 3D Flyovers are more than simple 3D representations of buildings and structures. It superimposes conventional high resolution satellite maps over these 3D models to give a more or less accurate representation of an area, including land elevation, building heights, and, of course, distinct landmarks. When combined with the Flyover City Tours, you get a virtual bird's eyeview of cities, important areas, and historical structures.

Apple has continually been expanding 3D flyovers to more countries. For this batch, the following have been added to the roster:

• Aarhus, Denmark

• Bobbio, Italy

• Budapest, Hungary

• Cádiz, Spain

• Chenonceaux, France

• Dijon, France

• Ensenada, Mexico

• Gothenburg, Sweden

• Graz, Austria

• Loreto, Mexico

• Malmö, Sweden

• Mayagüez, Puerto Rico

• Millau, France

• Nice, France

• Omaha Beach

• Rapid City, SD

• Rotterdam, Netherlands

• Sapporo, Japan

• Strasbourg, France

• Turin, Italy

This is just the latest volley in Apple's attempts to redeem itself after the early Maps fiasco that marred the service's reputation. There has been sightings of camera toting Apple vans that have been speculated to be a Google Street View rival, though that has not yet materialized so far.

VIA: Apple Insider