Apple 2TB Time Capsule lands for $499

Chris Davies - Jul 30, 2009
Apple 2TB Time Capsule lands for $499

Apple have quietly added a new 2TB Time Capsule to their line-up, three months after the backup device refresh was tipped.  As with the existing 1TB model, the 2TB Time Capsule acts as both a WiFi draft-n router with simultaneous dual-band support and as a backup facility that works with OS X Leopard’s automated Time Machine app.

There’s also wireless drive sharing and a USB port to hook up either an external hard-drive or a printer.  Time Capsule works with both Macs and PCs, and can support up to 50 simultaneous users.

Most impressively, the new 2TB model comes in at exactly what the 1TB model previously retailed for: $499.  The 1TB Time Capsule has dropped to $299, while the 500GB model has been discontinued.  Both ship within 24hrs.

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