Apex Legends teases a big announcement as it passes a major milestone

Apex Legends launched at a time when there was some very stiff competition in the battle royale space, and back then, there were plenty of people wondering if it had the legs to compete with giants like Fortnite and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (myself included). These days, it seems safe to say that it did indeed have those legs, as it's celebrating a massive milestone this week: 100 million players.

Respawn Entertainment announced the milestone in a new Twitter video published to the official Apex Legends account. Obviously, Respawn is talking about the number of people who have played Apex Legends throughout its entire lifespan so far, and it's almost certain that current active players are a fraction of that 100 million figure. Still, pulling in 100 million people over just two years is an impressive feat no matter how you want to slice it, so well done there.

What's particularly interesting about this announcement isn't so much the fact that Apex Legends has hit 100 million players, but rather what appears at the end of the video Respawn put together for the occasion. At the end of that video, we see a date listed: 4.19.21, joined by a teaser that says "And we're just getting started."

It's clear that Respawn is teasing something big for the 19th, but it's anyone's guess regarding what that announcement is. We're guessing that it's the reveal of the next playable Legend, which lines up well considering that Season 8 is wrapping up and Season 9 is on the horizon.

Of course, it could be something more than that, but if we were pressed for a guess, the next Legend would be our prediction for this announcement. We'll find out what it is soon enough, because we'll be starting next week with Respawn's announcement. We'll let you know what it is, so be sure to check back with us here on Monday to see what's next for Apex Legends.