Apex Legends Steam release date set

For some time now, Electronic Arts has been bringing many of its PC games to Steam after an extended absence. Slowly but surely, Electronic Arts has been padding out its Steam offerings with its back catalog, and soon, one of the biggest EA games around will be landing on the platform: Apex Legends. EA has been teasing the Steam launch of Apex Legends for several months, and today we learned when that Steam version will be arriving.

Electronic Arts has announced that Apex Legends will be launching on Steam on November 4th, which is a little under two weeks from today. With this Steam launch comes flexibility in how players access the game – existing players can continue to play on Origin or jump to Steam, with progression and unlocks synced between the two platforms automatically.

November 4th is the same day that Apex Legends Season 7 kicks off, and to celebrate both the arrival of Apex Legends on Steam and the launch of Season 7, Respawn and EA will be handing out a set of three gun charms to anyone who logs into the game through Steam. The gun charms include references to Half-Life and Portal, and to get them, you just need to log into the Steam version of the game at any point before Season 7 ends.

In addition to the gun charms, Electronic Arts and Respawn have also added several Apex Legends animated stickers and avatars to Steam's points shop, so if you're sitting on some points, you've got some new profile items to spend them on.

Recently, Respawn and EA announced the Apex Legends Championship Edition, which bundles all of the characters released thus far (including the one that will be introduced in Season 7) together with a collection of skins and 1000 Apex coins for $39.99. The Championship Edition isn't listed on Steam at the moment, but we wouldn't be surprised to see there once Apex Legends launches on November 4th.