Apex Legends will soon offer gun charms exclusively for Steam players

Later on this fall season, Respawn's hit battle royale game Apex Legends will be released on Steam, giving PC players a new way to download and play the game. That release will be joined by a special perk restricted to those who download the title on Steam: exclusive gun charms. Electronic Arts is showing off all three charms ahead of their release in the coming months.

We only know, at this point in time, that Apex Legends will be arriving on Steam this fall; the companies haven't yet provided a precise release date for this anticipated arrival. In an update on the plan, however, EA and Respawn Entertainment have announced that players will get gun charms with elements inspired by the games Portal and Half-Life.

Gun charms are exactly what they sound like: little trinkets that can be attached to a weapon in the game, giving players a bit of bling to show off. Some charms are exclusively acquired through various means, which makes them something of a status symbol for players, but only minorly so. For example, some gun charms are only accessible to those who have purchased the battle pass.

EA says it partnered with Valve to develop the charms, which is pretty obvious considering the game tie-ins. The charms include a Headcrab Runner, PotatOS based on GLaDOS, and Wired Champions Gun Charm.

The company says these charms will only be made available for a limited time — it doesn't say how long — and that Apex Legends players will be able to claim them by logging into the game on Steam (you can only add it to your Wishlist at this time, unfortunately). Eager to claim the charms? You can see 3D models of each trinket on EA's website here.