Apex Legends cheat sheet details every gun in the game

Battle royale gamers looking for something more substantial than Fortnite and less buggy than PUBG have largely turned toward Respawn's Apex Legends, though getting started can be difficult. Here to help players get off the ground is a new cheat sheet detailing every weapon in the game and its full specs, including fire modes, damage dealt, and more.

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Whereas Fortnite simplifies weapon identification using bright colors, Apex Legends doesn't have this sort of structure and instead presents weapons scattered throughout the game with no readily available indications of what they offer.

Players will need to become familiar with each weapon on their own, a tedious process that's greatly simplified via a new gun cheat sheet published by Redditor "JetSetJamerson." The reference chart uses color-coding to break up each weapon into categories, such as red for shotguns and orange for light weapons.

Gun Cheat Sheet – Season 2 Post Alternator+Disruptor Nerf from r/apexlegends

The reference sheet is particularly useful due to its inclusion of damage against different body parts -- someone focused on headshots will be able to pick out the weapons that work best for those kills versus players who always aim for the body, for example. There's still some missing info, however, notably the lack of data on how long each weapon takes to kill an opponent.

Apex Legends recently received its second battle pass season and it brings with it a number of weapons changes, as well as the addition of a new weapon: the L-Star. This high-powered LMG shoots plasma projectiles that move slowly but are highly capable for dealing with targets that are located at longer distances. The L-Stare is a rarity due to its sole presence in airdrops.