APEN A2 Lets You Use Regular Paper to Record Written Word, Drawings

Evan Selleck - Dec 6, 2010
APEN A2 Lets You Use Regular Paper to Record Written Word, Drawings

Using a pen and paper to record what you’re writing isn’t a new concept, so to speak. We’ve seen other ideas come to play, and actually really enjoyed items like the Livescribe Echo smartpen. But, while the idea is great, and the usability is just as high as anyone would like, there’s always the fact that you’ll need to buy special paper to make it work. For some, having extra costs down the road, especially for “smart paper,” just isn’t in the cards. That’s where the APEN A2 comes in, which is designed to let you digitally record what you write, or draw, on any kind of paper, thanks to a wireless transmitter.

All you need to do, is clip the wireless transmitter to the top of the piece of paper you’re writing on. Once you do, you’ll be able to use the specialized pen to write, or draw whatever you want. With the transmitter on, this will allow the pen to record whatever you do. Once you’re done, you can transfer what you have recorded over to your computer. The pen can record up to 100 pages of content.

The designers of the APEN A2 have confirmed that the software to make their device work will be perfectly compatible with both Mac and Windows-based PCs. The APEN A2 will be made exclusively available through HSN this month, and it will retail for about $99.99. Interestingly enough, the company behind the pen will also have more models out later, which will allow for connectivity to your smartphone.

[via UberGizmo]

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