Antivirus to be last-minute add to OS X Snow Leopard?

Does Snow Leopard include an anti-virus app along with all its other OS X improvements?  That's the question The Mac Security Blog are asking, having received tip-offs that disc images infected with a trojan were flagged up as dangerous by Safari.

The functionality has been confirmed by other users, apparently, though it's still unclear how Apple might be managing such aspects as antivirus updates and the like.  If this all pans out to a new security feature in Snow Leopard, it's possible that Apple will be making regular antivirus log downloads available much in the same way that Microsoft's Defender automatically gets new rules.

Snow Leopard is on course for a release on Friday, with pre-orders of the OS X 10.6 update already being taken.  Apple have previously said that the update is more secure and stable than previous iterations, but it has failed to mention any active antivirus protection that might be preloaded.