AntiCrop for iPhone, iPad 2 expands photos beyond their borders

When you take a photo at the wrong angle on a camera, you've got no choice but to either cut off all the edges and get a smaller photo or just take it again altogether – but with AntiCrop for iPhone and iPad 2, that process has been automated and magically moved forward. What this application does is, should you want to turn your photo on its side, to fill in the blank spots that are then created with an intelligent duplication process. While you could technically do this yourself with a 3rd party tool like Photoshop, this is just so simple it's undeniable!

Have a peek at this example here, a photo of my dog. She's a tiny dog and even when I take a photo of her sleeping, there's always a shot or two that I want to flip sideways. Here with the app, that process is made super simple, the editor showing off its skills by filling in the edges in less than a few seconds where otherwise I'd have had to have taken minutes at least. As Sarah Perez says, "it's a pretty amazing trick."

This process doesn't work for all photos of course, odd things like collections of oddly shaped items for example, but should you have a simple border like we've got here, presto! A good example how how this can create odd results is also contained in the gallery below — extend the dog! This application is a cool $0.99 on the iTunes App Store today.