Another Try To Modernize The Pinball Machine

This pinball machine is yet another attempt to modernize the pinball machine. Frankly, some things can't possibly be any better than the classic. However, this updated version does have a few extra features that the old pinball machines don't.

This new style has a large flat screen display and has interchangeable digital games. It offers the classic top-down view and flipper controllers. This Austrian TAB is meant to give arcades a cost-effective way to have multiple games in a single cabinet.

Even with the extra features I don't know that I'd switch to the digital version. Really even with extra games in the cabinet, the older generations likely aren't going to want to play it because they are all faithful to the classic much like myself. The younger crowd probably won't be that interested either since they are more likely to go for the newer games, it just seems like a sad attempt to revive a dying game.

pinball tries the digital route once more [via technabob]