Another geek shows off untethered Jailbreak for iPod and iPhone

There are lots of people out there who really want an iPhone but don't want to be tied to the AT&T network for various reasons. For these users the only recourse is to get an iPhone and Jailbreak it to work on other carriers and to run non-approved software.

Typically, to Jailbreak a device it has to be tethered to a computer. Earlier this week we spied the first video of a geek that has devised a way to Jailbreak the iPhone, iPod touch, and the coming iPad over the air without having to tether the device.

Today another iPhone and iPod hacker has published a video of his own untethered Jailbreak solution and shows it running on the iPod touch. The whole process looks pretty darn simple to me. Check out the video below to see the hack in action.