Another Extravagantly Fake Apple Store In China

There's certainly an abundance of knock-off Apple products and fake Apple stores throughout the world, but perhaps one of the most extravagant is this two-story standalone retail location in Zhongshan, China. The store doesn't attempt to use the full "Apple Store" name and is instead called "Sinzd." But, it does copy the aesthetic and proudly displays the Apple logo and is packed with questionable Apple products.

The two story building has a full glass facade with a large canopy and a huge glowing Apple logo. MacBook, iPhone, and iPad banners are plastered throughout the large interior space. Employees wear blue t-shirts similar to those worn by Apple employees but instead of the Apple logo, the shirts are printed with the Sinzd store name. Employees also help customers to jailbreak iPhones and iPads purchased from the store.

M.I.C. Gadgets explored the outlet and noticed that the white iPhone 4 was listed at $110 more than the black version. When inquired about the reason, an employee whispered that the iPhones are Hong Kong licensed and procured through the gray market. Therefore, the employee continues that they must charge more on some items to cover the import cost. But upon further inspection, the white version appears to be a modded black iPhone 4 rather than the real deal.

In addition to this flagship store, there are two other Sinzd locations in the Zhongshan area. After seeing this, the fake Apple store in Kunming isn't so impressive anymore. It's been reported that China has recently cracked down on 22 more fake Apple stores, requesting them to change their names and discontinue using the Apple logo.

[via M.I.C. Gadgets]