Complete Apple retail store faked quite convincingly in China

We all know that the number of fake products in many countries is insane. One of the places you are very likely to find a number of fake products and counterfeits is in China. One reason for so many blatant rip offs to be offered in China is because it's very hard for the firms being ripped off to do anything about it. One of the companies that is more likely than others to have their products faked on the Chinese retail market is Apple.

While ripping off products is common, what's not very common is a rip off of the Apple Store in such a detailed manner as you see in these shots from China. Apparently, the store you see in these pics is located in Kunming, China and it looks the business for sure. It's hard to tell that this isn't the real deal. The person that shot the photos said that the store was very convincing and that the little details were the only real giveaways the store was fake.

For instance, the paint job on the walls was lacking in quality, as was the staircase it seems. The other tip off was that all the advertising hanging on the walls and signs with detail on the products was the old stuff, not the new Apple 2.0 where iPads are the signs for the gear inside. The photographer also said that all the people working in the store thought they actually work for Apple.

[via Apple Insider]