Anonymous invites public to hit Facebook in massive DDoS attack [UPDATE: Denied]

In a brand new video which comes along with a message bringing tidings of an oncoming storm in the face of Facebook, Anonymous has dropped their newest threat. Later in this post I'll speak for a moment on whether or not this is actually the same Anonymous we've been talking about for the past few months, but know this: it doesn't matter, as the attack that they speak of will be run not by the hackers themselves, but by the public. In this way it is the democratic takedown that Anonymous speaks of each time they represent the greater whole – a perfect crushing of Facebook by the masses that would otherwise make Facebook thrive.

UPDATE: This attack has been denied in kind by sources we've trusted in the past to provide Anonymous-run operations.

What this attack will do is to make their DDoS more widespread than its ever been before, inviting anyone who has a computer to join in on the project with but a few clicks. A DDoS attack is what's also known as a Distributed Denial of Service, this being the same method used last week to take down the Department of Justice, the MPAA, the RIAA, and Universal Pictures. Anonymous has a large collective of users working all around the world to push the buttons of websites so rapidly and so many times that the pages cannot stay active, thusly their "denial of service" has been attained.

With this attack will come no destruction of Facebook's stored information, nor will Facebook users have to fear that their information will be shared in any way. Instead they've only to fear that they wont be able to see their status updates for a few hours (more than likely, tops), as the Anonymous collective has some fun at their expense. There's a message held inside the bottom of the video you're seeing above if you head to YouTube to see it, and I'm not going to reproduce it all here because it's mostly gibberish, but know this: the files they're sharing are not something we recommend you download, and we do no support the willful hacking of webpages or DDoS attacks on them at all either.

That said, Anonymous have created a situation here where their name, nameless, has been used to strike fear into quite a few hearts of those that would otherwise dominate the internet world and seek to control it entirely. Have a peek at a short list of Anonymous stories we've got below and learn about them, and decide for yourself if the video above comes from them or is, again, another sham aimed at the big kahuna: Facebook.