Anki DRIVE update brings two new cars from TRON bike designer

Chris Burns - Apr 16, 2014
Anki DRIVE update brings two new cars from TRON bike designer

If you’ve been addicted to the mobile device-driven game known as Anki DRIVE, you may already know that its remote-controlled cars are designed by none other than Harald Belker. This fellow is responsible for designing all of the cars – including the two newest for this season of Anki DRIVE – as well as a massive number of Hollywood vehicles and concepts: everything from the TRON: Legacy light-cycle to the wild Batmobile from the movie Batman and Robin.

Below you’ll find a number of items designed by Harald Belker. We’re not going to focus too much on this fellow since it’s all about Anki DRIVE today in the end, but you’ve got to stop and appreciate what he’s done. You’ll see Minority Report, Death Race, and Iron Man, too.

The two new vehicles arriving this week are called CORAX and HAIDON, and they’re both popping up for $69 each.


Two new tracks are arriving as well: Crossroads and Bottleneck. These tracks will not be available immediately like the cars are.


While the cars are available starting today, the tracks will be available starting on May 6th, 2014. Between now and then, you’ll be able to add Race Mode to your Anki DRIVE play sessions. In Race Mode you’re still able to use weapons, but now you’ll be racing to 15, 30, or 45 laps.

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