Anime Steam Sale is super kawaii desu ne

Today Valve launches their next Steam Sale, one that'll have all your SUPER KAWAII plans set for the whole weekend. That is, another Anime Weekend sort of event in which all sorts of games and movies and such. You'll find a total of 226 titles in this particular price knock-down – one that appears at the same time as Sony's Golden Week sale. That event is in place to celebrate the series of Japanese holidays about to happen in the video game capital of the universe.

For those of you that are extremely addicted to super-long-lasting Anime series, you'll want to have a peek at the Naruto films, the lot of which appear in this weekend event. Movies, you might have realized by now, are appearing on Steam in droves now. Watch them in your virtual reality headset – aka HTC VIVE – if you wish.

While you're having a peek at the full Steam Anime event, have a peek at our extended look at the HTC Vive, a virtual reality headset that'll blow your socks directly off your feet.

You'll want to have a peek at the vast series of Dragon Ball, RPG, and visual novel titles that are included in this event – all at price cuts up to a magical ninety-percent.

If you want to go ALL IN on the most super cute title on the market, you may want to have a peek at what's called "100% Orange Juice." Have a peek at some gameplay below, and let us know if you're all about card games based on fruit drinks.

So super kawaii you won't be able to handle not playing ever again for the rest of your life!

While the vast majority of the titles in this event are indeed anime, some really, really aren't. See Dead or Alive 5, Korra, or even Mega-Man for that.