Animated OLED poster promises cheap, flexible adverts

An animated poster made up of LEDs and OLEDs could be the next huge billboard frustration, if Dai Nippon Printing have their say.  The Japanese firm have built a prototype panel which mimics animation by selectively illuminating different parts of the printed image, in this case the home stadium of the Rakuten Eagles baseball team.

Meanwhile two separate OLED panels in the top corners scroll text information, such as game schedules and other news updates relating to the team.  Measuring 728 x 515 mm, the poster can be bent, curved or shaped to fit non-flat surfaces, and is resistant to vibration; since the power demands of the different lighting technologies are so low, it only uses 60-percent of what a typical fluorescent light may use.

Even better, the lifespan is estimated at up to 20,000 hours, and has broader viewing angles and lighter weight than traditional illuminated posters.  DNP plan to commercialize it by April 2010, with an accompanying network that would deliver text and voice news for the poster to broadcast.

[via OLED-Info]