Animal Crossing weirdest tradition returns at last

Today we're taking a peek at the next several updates coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Per Nintendo, the full collection of events and experiences coming to Animal Crossing from this point forward will require that you, the gamer, download the free update that'll be released on April 28, 2021. From there, the updates begin on April 29, 2021 with a May Day experience.

Before you do anything, update your Animal Crossings game on your Nintendo Switch. To do this, select Animal Crossings' icon on the HOME Menu, press the + button (plus icon) on your controller, and select Software Update. The game might already be properly up-to-date, but if you need an update, you may be asked to restart the game.

On April 2, 2021, gamers will be able to use their May Day Ticket to view "a rather interesting island." The availability of this island visit takes place between April 29 and May 7, 2021. Each player will be able to use one ticket ONE time, so make your trip count!

Starting in May and running through June, new items will appear in Nook Shopping. There'll be seasonal items aplenty, starting with Mother's Day, running through Cheese Rolling(?!) and other oddities. In June, we'll return to the wedding photo session on Harvey's Island! Below you'll see an example of a Wedding Photo from last year's celebration.

That's right, the most weird event session ever returns, complete with more opportunities for above-average weirdness! Per the official release from Nintendo, you'll be able to "meet up with them on [Harvey's Island] and help take adorable photos." Nintendo also suggested that "a few decorations go a long way," but we know we're going to get downright strange with it.

International Museum Day takes place starting on May 18, running through May 31. The word "day" is used sorta loosely here. In the real world, International Museum Day is actually just one day – here it'll last a few. There'll be a Stamp Rally during this set of days, starting with a chat with Blathers, from whom you'll get a special stamp card – catch em all!