Animal Crossing wedding event photos get weird

If you're a big fan of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and you're interested in the newest event, Wedding Season, know this: Things are getting weird. If you pop in to the Animal Crossings: New Horizons hashtag collection on any social media platform, you'll find a wild array of weddings, full of the strangest items the game has to offer.

Some people really enjoy this Wedding Season, while others... clearly found the situation to be a big more dank. First, take a peek at a relatively simple, basic wedding setup, courtesy of Gerbilia.

Looks pretty simple, pretty lovely. This is just about as cute as the whole setup gets. You snap a photo, and you're done! But wait, why does mister scowl look so displeased with his wedding feast? Was this level of kawaii unsatisfactory? NOTE: The image at the head of this article comes from Reddit, from the user called Honey I Lost The Kids.

Maybe he wanted to get married in a wedding ring instead? Look at that announcer! The crowd is going wild for matrimony!

Weddings in the deep darkness seem to be posh – gravestones, candles, and general gothic decorations aplenty. This one's from C.Gonzalez, who's also a collector of Skull Radios.

If you're all about the SPAGHET, you'll find yourself more at-home in the core of the earth. Or is that someplace more ethereal we see?

Probably the most dark of weddings posted today was from Blue Wollveih. Here you'll find some cells, some fire, knives, black masks, belts, and straps. Also hay bails and buckets for comfort!

Finally a gameshow called Get Married or Get Perished – why not? It is truly amazing what's possible in this game, a game with no content that'd fairly be called evil in and of itself... but is made dark by the most creative masters of design to grace the world of Animal Crossing!

If you've captured a lovely Animal Crossings: New Horizons wedding this week, let us know! Tag the @SlashGear Twitter account and show us an Animal Crossings wedding season photo set that's as strange as possible!