Animal Crossing for Switch gets new release date and gameplay trailer

The next iteration of Animal Crossing was made specifically for the Nintendo Switch, and today's news wasn't great. I mean, depending on your view of the situation, today's news could have been great! We did get to look at the new game in a way much more expansive than we've seen before – and a delay in the release of the game COULD mean that they're spending more time on making it perfect – just perfect – for you and I and everyone to play.

As you'll see in the trailer below, the game looks absolutely precious. Super kawaii cute style to the maximum, with an eye for the already-cute Nintendo Switch, in multiple forms. This game takes place on a deserted island, and begins with an announcement from the "Nook Inc. Getaway Package" (Nook Inc., the developers of the game) on the little people's Charter Flight.

Much like previous installments of Animal Crossing, you'll be responsible for making a life for the characters in the game. In this iteration of the game, you'll need to start by setting up a tent. You'll then head out to harvest some resources, find some food, and make your way in the world.

If you've never played Animal Crossing before, this will probably be just about the easiest place to start in on the series – especially given its obvious similarities to the most popular game in the last decade, Minecraft.

You'll set up a whole village, and you'll make it so cute that the biggest danger to anyone will be the melting of the eyes, and the fire in the heart. Don't get too attached to the idea that you'll be playing soon – just you wait until March – that's when the game's coming out.

According to a press release from the creators of this game, is indeed a delay. Said they, "we must ask you to wait a little later than we thought." They switched the release date from 2019 – the general 2019, not more specific than that. The new Animal Crossing: New Horizons release date is March 2, 2020 – two months and two days into the new year.