Animal Crossing invites Addison Rae, T-Pain, Jason Derulo, and Grubhub drivers

There's a Creator Friendsgiving, Island Deliveries, and other updates coming to Animal Crossing, but there's also T-Pain. As if Animal Crossing couldn't get any more wacky with cross-branding promotions and odd appearances by celebrities, there's a new event. The event is called Grubhub Island, and it'll include T-Pain, Addison Rae, and Jason Derulo, and they're all ready to drop in on lucky islands over the weekend.

On Friday, November 20, at 10PM Eastern Time, T-Pain will be dropping in on the Grubhub Island event. Users are encouraged to share their island name and the hashtag #Grubhubisland on their favorite social network in order to be seen by Animal Crossing officials. If picked by said officials, your island could be visited by T-Pain.

Above you'll see the T-Pain sony Nooks Bells. This is a song released by T-Pain for Animal Crossing back in September of this year. This is real life.

Addison Rae will be in-effect on Saturday, November 21 at 5:30 ET, and Jason Derulo will appear on Sunday, November 22 at 6PM ET. There'll be a livestream and Q&A sessions on the Grubhub YouTube channel all week long. First Tube Media is handling the tech for live streaming and the marketing for the event.

There'll be a more visits from Animal Crossing creators like CrankGameplays, IGUMDROP, and others, from November 22nd through 25th. There'll be Thanksgiving treats given to users aplenty. Grubhub will appear with a team of "delivery drivers" for Friendsgiving, too, delivering candy, pumpkins, fruits, and other hard-to-find items.

You'll find a variety of Grubhub items available in the game this weekend through Thanksgiving, too. If you want to wear Grubhub items, that is. If you're all about being a walking billboard, by all means, go for it!