Angry Birds update arrives with 15 new levels

Hot on the heels of Rovio's recently launched spin-off of the Angry Birds series, Bad Piggies, the developer has released a set of new levels for the original Angry Birds game that are based off Rovio's newest title. Bad Piggies was a huge hit for Rovio, and now they're looking to spread a little bit of the game's goodness to their other popular title.

Aside from the added levels, there are also a few new power-ups like "Super Seeds", the "Almighty Sling King", and "Birdquake". Unfortunately, all of these are in-app purchases, so in order to really kick butt in the game, you'll have to pay up a little. Then again, in-app purchases seem to be becoming the norm, so always be prepared to have your wallet out if you want any kind of advantage in a game.

In related news, the executive vice president of Rovio, Andrew Stalbow, announced that the Angry Birds series is currently getting around 200 million active users on a monthly basis. In any given day, Stalbow says that there are anywhere between 20-30 million users that are connected to Angry Birds.

Those are certainly strong numbers, and we don't expect them to go down anytime soon, especially with the developer's upcoming Star Wars-themed title about to hit the market next month. The popularity of Star Wars alone could bring in millions of Angry Birds virgins to play the new game. Look out for Angry Birds Star Wars on November 8.

[via Android Community]