Angry Birds Star Wars Cloud City expansion coming up quick!

This week the folks at Rovio have teased the next expansion for the Angry Birds Star Wars series with a trip to a city in the clouds – carbonite-frozen Han Skwawking Solo included! This is the next in a long series of updates to the massively expansive Star Wars / Angry Birds crossover gaming experience, with Hoth having come before it, and several episodes in the A New Hope universe coming before that! Now it's time to face off against Bounty Hunters galore!

If you're an ultra-nerd like some of the writers here at SlashGear, you know good and well that the Star Wars Collectable Card Game's release schedule appears to have been a real simple directions list for Rovio in releasing bits and pieces to the Star Wars Angry Birds game. With the first release we saw several levels inside the original Star Wars movie's environments. Next we saw one expansion inside that first movie, then another starting with The Empire Strikes Back.

Hoth came first in this set along with a tease for Dagobah, the planet where Yoda resides and Luke Skywalker does his Jedi Training. You were able to access that level with a bit of cash or some extremely powerful Jedi skill in all-three-star winnings of the rest of the levels throughout the game. Now we see Cloud City coming up next. And if we continue to follow this lineup, we can expect not only some fantastically heaven-like environments, but bounty hunters too!

They've got to get here some time, and what better place to arrive than at the home of everyone's favorite scoundrel, Lando Calsquawkington! Have a peek at the teaser video above and let us know if you've beaten Hoth and Dagobah so you're prepared for this next push!