Angry Birds Star Wars 2 character gallery expands past 3-film limits

If we didn't know any better, we'd say the folks at Rovio are aiming to release an Angry Birds Star Wars game that goes not only to the worlds presented in the prequels, but to some favorites from Return of the Jedi as well. What we're seeing this afternoon is a series of new teaser videos from the creators of the ultra-popular franchise showing off new characters (of which there are set to be over 30, believe it or not) arriving in the game Angry Birds Star Wars II. This game is set to run the expanse of the galaxy, without a doubt.

What we've seen before today is the likes of Emperor Palpatine, a Tie Fighter Pilot, and the bounty hunter shape shifter Zam Wessel. While the emperor appeared in the majority of the films in the Star Wars film series, the bounty hunter only appeared in Episode II. Meanwhile we've also seen a Droideka, a droid most often associated with Episode I.

Today Rovio introduced everyone's favorite character to be ambivalent about: Jar Jar Binks. It would appear at the moment that Jar Jar Binks is a character fighting on the side of good, so he'll be a usable character rather than a villain.

Next there's Han Solo who once again will be firing three blaster shots as he flies towards the pigs for popping. You'll notice at this point that these trailers allow you a glimpse of gameplay inside the title which will be appearing in full on September 19th if all goes according to plan.

Luke Skywalker is also back in his Jedi form – looking similar to the original blue lightsaber wielding Jedi Luke, this time appearing to have a couple of swings of the sword. Here Luke also has a green lightsaber rather than a blue, this reflecting his change-over in Return of the Jedi after having lost the blue weapon to Darth Vader in The Empire Strikes Back. This game also introduces Endor Luke – who appears to have the same green lightsaber power, but with a helmet on his head for whatever pig-popping reason.

Finally there's a new Jedi Youngling character that essentially replicates the abilities of the original tiny Blue bird. This means that when you take a tap on the screen after the bird has been launched, it splits into three birds, each aimed in a different arc aimed wherever you originally aimed.

We'll be seeing this game launch on the 19th of September on iOS and Android both through Google Play and Amazon and you'll be able to play it on Windows Phone 8 as well! It's quite likely that this game will also be released on gaming consoles outside the mobile universe – as well as inside web browsers through Facebook and Google Chrome, but for now, it's all about smartphones and tablets!