Angry Birds For Windows Phone 7 Delayed

The Angry Birds game has been so popular on Apple's iOS platform that it's garnered a Guinness world record recently, and it's already happily aboard Android devices having just released an Angry Birds RIO update. The Windows Phone 7 platform seemed like it was all set to get the game starting May 25th, but Microsoft has now revealed that the game would be delayed for another month.

Microsoft has pushed back the launch date to June 29. The company says that the reason behind the delay is to ensure a better user experience. "The shift in timing of "Angry Birds" as the final title in the Must Have Games lineup was a decision made to ensure we provide the best possible gaming experience on Windows Phone," said a Microsoft spokesperson.

Rovio and Microsoft had originally had a rough patch when the software giant accidentally used an Angry Birds icon in one of their Windows Phone 7 adverts suggesting that the app would be available on the platform when at the time, no such deal had existed. Eventually things worked out between the two, and Angry Birds was set to roll out back in February but got held back due to legal issues.

Microsoft is set to have a VIP Preview session on May 25th for their upcoming Mango update, which would have originally been just a day prior to the Angry Birds launch. With a delay of over a month, its unlikely now that game play on Angry Birds would be demoed at the preview session. Microsoft has also been highlighting more of its enterprise productivity developments lately rather than its media and entertainment consumption features for the upcoming Mango.

But back to Angry Birds, make sure to check out the video of the life-sized Angry Birds game that Rovio and Deutsche Telekom setup in Spain, in case you haven't seen it already.

[via WinRumors]