Angry Birds for Chrome Out Today [Special Edition VIDEO]

The Mighty Eagle took the stage at Google I/O during the second day's keynote to raving applause, his bright red hoodie with Angry Bird in tow. His announcement was that Angry Birds was coming to the biggest platform of all – the web. This version of Angry Birds will be running on Chrome to begin with and will be released in a Beta version. This version will be released at 60 frames per second easily (meaning it'll probably be better, if you know what i mean,) and it's built in WebGL. It also supports canvas, HD experience works, and it just plays so well!

If you've got no hardware acceleration, you can still play it. It's not the best, says the man in red, but it'll work! And what about offline playing? You're going to be able to play the complete game offline with localized storage. Want to play on your Chrome netbook on a flight with no wifi? That'll work now.

[vms e2126b91d54f3601ec16]

On top of this, a few special "Chrome Exclusive" levels were revealed, Chrome buttons as rocks, very funny Chrome clouds and backgrounds. And then there's some wooden boards and stuff if you like that sort of thing too. Oh and you want the Mighty Eagle feature? You can purchase this from your browser as well! This was only available via iOS thus far. Google web toolkit with Java was used to create this new version, the whole deal hosted on web app engine, and it was all available right after the keynote was complete.