Angry Birds "brand new game" teased for Monday reveal

As what first looked like a small tease for an update to Angry Birds Star Wars, Rovio seems to be teasing much more than that. Today, the Finnish game developing studio revealed that they will be announcing a "brand new game" on Monday that looks to Star Wars related, but seeing as it's a "brand new game," we could be looking forward to an Angry Birds Star Wars sequel, rather than just an update to the original movie-themed game.

Rovio didn't say much about what to expect for Monday's announcement, but they did mention the game would feature "the biggest character line-up ever," along with "awesome new powers, and maybe even a few surprises!" They finished the update with an attempt to get the hashtag #July15 trending on Twitter.

As for the teaser image that the company posted, it looks like the this Star Wars sequel game will be taking on the prequels, as the image reveals a young Anakin Skywalker's shadow revealing the silhouette of Darth Vader. The first Angry Birds Star Wars game focused on the first three movies in the Star Wars saga, so it would make sense that this "brand new game" focuses on the next three in the series.

However, as most of us know, the prequels weren't really the high point of the Star Wars saga, so here's hoping that Rovio can make a bearable game that depicts the three prequel films. Then again, Rovio is getting to the point where they need to do some innovation instead of churning out new Angry Birds game every year, or even worse, re-releasing old Angry Birds games.

Of course, though, as long as Rovio keeps seeing sales of new Angry Birds title go through the roof, then there's no reason for them to fix something that isn't broken, but it's certainly exhausting to keep seeing new Angry Birds titles show up when I can't even keep up with the previous installment.