Angry Birds Trilogy for Wii and Wii U coming in August

If it seemed like Rovio's ever-popular bird-flinging game Angry Birds was on every platform imaginable, be prepared to be extremely wrong. It has yet to land on the Wii series of gaming consoles, but it's finally arriving. Come August 13, Rovio will be releasing Angry Birds Trilogy on both Wii consoles in retail stores.

We've actually known for several years now that the game would eventually hit the Wii console, but we finally have a release date that should Wii gamers excited. Angry Birds Trilogy will come with the original Angry Birds title, Angry Birds: Seasons, and Angry Birds: Rio. The game will provide around 140 hours of gameplay and 30 episodes, as well as new levels.

As expected, the game will be able to utilize the Wii U's GamePad, allowing you to use the touchscreen to fling the birds at the evil green pigs. There's also going to be online leaderboards for bragging rights. We're not sure the Wiimote will be used in the game, but it could see gamers utilizing a throwing action, or simply just using the Wiimote to pull back on the slingshot and letting go.

It's not said how much the game will cost, either on the Wii or the Wii U, but since it'll sell at retails stores complete with a box and disc, don't expect to pay the couple of dollars that it would only take to play the mobile versions. You've most likely got your fair share of the game when it first released, but if you've been hankering to play it on your Wii console, now is the time to prepare.

VIA: Polygon