Android Wear interactive watch faces enliven the whole platform

Google's Android Wear development team release an Interactive Watch Faces API to diversify the home screen of the platform. Android Wear is one of several smartwatch operating systems very much in the "Wild West" of the platform – especially with updates like this, the whole operating system can be given a jolt of new life. Engagement is about to be shocked with this API, as proven with the first few "interactive watch faces" on the market today.

The first watch face you're going to see here in the "interactive" category is Pujie Black. Here you'll have the option of tapping one of three buttons that links to helpful information like calendar read-outs and fitness information.

Notice here how each of the buttons also have nut-shelled information included within them as well.

Another interactive watch face released this week is Bits. This watch face has six buttons around its centralized clock face, each of these buttons leading to information similar to the face above.

Google (perhaps jokingly) calls these buttons "complications", referring to the term in horology which refers to any element on a watch face other than the standard time readout.

Have a peek at Pujie Black as well as Bits this afternoon to see where the Android Wear world is headed.