Android video calling tipped by Google's GIPS acquisition

Android devices could be getting video call functionality sooner rather than later, with the news that Google have put in a $68.2m bid to acquire Global IP Solutions.  The company, which has counted Google among its clients for some time now, specialises in voice and video over IP; last month, they announced their new GIPS VideoEngine for Android, a developer framework allowing for straightforward integration of video conferencing and video chat into Android apps (video demo after the cut).

GIPS VideoEngine is also available in iPhone and Windows Mobile flavors, opening up the possibility of cross-platform video calls between apps running on all three types of smartphone.  Apple themselves are tipped to introduce video calling on their fourth-generation iPhone HD, though it's unclear at present what standard they'll be adopting.

The Google buy-out has to be approved by Global IP Solutions' shareholders, but presuming that goes through without a hitch it should all be settled by the end of August.  GIPS will continue to support their existing customer base, but say they will look to "continue to enhance and extend our products and technology at Google."

GIPS VideoEngine for Android demo:

[via mocoNews]