Android Versus iOS States Mapped For The US

Android continues to dominate the mobile landscape with a 40% share of US mobile subscribers, according to the latest ComScore report. However, wouldn't it be interesting to see how it maps out across the US? Well, mobile ad network Jumptap has done just that. The company issued a report today along with a map showing which platforms are most popular by state.

The report found that the majority of states that over-indexed for Android subscribers were in the South and Southwest regions, including California, Texas, and Florida. States that over-indexed for iOS subscribers are generally in the Midwest and New England areas with the exception being Louisiana.

However, there were also states that turned up neutral, which all seem to sit in the lower half of the country interspersed between Android-dominant states. And surprisingly, there's still plenty of demand for BlackBerries up north in states such as Oregon, the Dakotas, and New York.

[via Android Community]