Android Snapchat update suddenly usable, users attest

Chris Burns - Sep 25, 2018, 2:51pm CDT
Android Snapchat update suddenly usable, users attest

It would appear that the Android developers at Snapchat did something correct in their latest app update. Users of many sorts revealed their love of the new version of the app – the app in Alpha Mode. That version of the app is not available for all users right this minute, but there is a way to attempt to get in on the build as soon as possible.

Users were given this newest version of Snapchat starting a little less than a day ago. Now, according to a significant amount of users on social media networks and forums and websites like Reddit, the Android build seems to be functional. That might ring of deja-vu for some users, especially those that’ve been part of the Beta program for many months.

The Android version of the app was all but useless for some of the elder smartphones out in the wild, of late. Now there’s hope for all. With the latest build, it would appear that the changes made have improved for every device able to run the app – and its streaming and photography abilities. Improvements came in both stability and in quality of media.

With the Snapchat Alpha released this week, post-processing for photos of all sorts is improved. This is likely largely server-side – but you never know! Launching the app seems to have improved, as has the running of the app whilst scrolling through new content thumbnails.

To attain the Alpha, users must first be in Beta mode. Once in Beta – build v10.41.6.0 or higher – head to settings. At the VERY bottom of the Settings list of links, there’s the section ADVANCED. Under ADVANCED, there should be the option to tap Snapchat Alpha. To get in on the Beta, head over to Snapchat Android Beta and Register with Snapchat. If you’re super lucky, you’ll get in right away. You could also go the hardcore route.

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