Android Siri clone Iris teams with ChaCha for giant info database

Though we've seen our fair share of developers demanding that the world acknowledge the fact that Android has had voice-assistant capabilities for much longer than the iPhone 4S had Siri, apps like "Iris" have continued to pop up, and now show that they mean serious business by teaming up with competitors – ChaCha in this case. What ChaCha represents is a massive question and answer database that works with different ways for people to ask questions – this when tied with Iris' functionality, including using your microphone and Android to see what you're saying and type it out – makes for quite the combination.

This week Dextera, the developers behind Iris, have announced that they're teaming up with ChaCha officially to make their rather popular application Iris function on a whole new level. What you're about to see is a screenshot your humble narrator literally just captured, it showing how ChaCha's brand name is front and center when the Iris app is opened up. It also shows that Iris isn't PERFECT when it comes to voice recognition on a midwestern accented fellow like me.

And of course there are some answers to questions – such as the Tron-related one I asked above, that are a bit outdated. Everyone knows that TR2N or Tron Legacy is already out, the question then wanting an answer for the future now, not early last year or before. We expect both platforms to update at a much more rapid pace though now that they're teamed up, both pushing the other to improve. Make it work, guys! Android users want you!

Grab the Iris app in the Android Market today for free, or head back to ChaCha if you feel like typing in their original app. See if you can find some answers about The Dude in color strips for the future, too. Also note – of course – that Iris is still in "Alpha" as they say.

UPDATE: they fixed it! ChaCha is watching!