Android P looks great! Here's why you shouldn't get it yet

Yesterday Google released their first public software builds for Android P, for developers. The software looks pretty great – if users can appreciate the tiny detail changes as such. But there's something that's not entirely obvious up front, as its presented by Android blogs aplenty. Non-developer users shouldn't download Android P at all – not yet, at least. Developers of Android apps, by all means download and utilize – everyone else: now's the time to let bloggers do all the hard work for you.

The software package in "Android P Developer Preview 1" is not meant to be loaded on any Android phone, not yet. Don't let another publication suggest that flashing Android is is a great idea for anyone, and should be tried out immediately, for whatever reason. The release of Android P in Developer Preview mode is not reason enough to go ahead and load the software to your personal smartphone.

TAKE A PEEK: Android P: First Look!

Google released Google Developers hosted Factory Images for Nexus and Pixel Devices this week. Users that visit the hosting site with Google will find several bright red warnings about the situation for developers. At this point in the process, Google already pre-supposes that the user reading the page is a developer and/or a masochist.

Flashing Android P deletes all user data on a given smartphone. Users should be aware of this situation before they even begin to attempt to flash Android P. This is not a process for users that use said smartphone for anything other than app development.

ON THE OTHER HAND, there is another process with which users can get new Android updates before the majority of the rest of the world. It's called the Android Beta Program and it's currently out of commission. This completely free program with Google takes place shortly after Google releases their first Beta for a given Android build, and ends just before Google moves on to the next desert. At the moment they're between Oreo and Android P. So sit tight!