Android N might be called Nutella according to Hiroshi Lockheimer

If you have never enjoyed the chocolaty bliss that is Nutella, you are missing out. You may get to try Nutella on your Android device if Hiroshi Lockheimer has his way. Lockheimer is the senior VP of Android, Chrome OS, and the Play Store and he has been dropping lots of hints on his twitter feed that the only name for Android N that really matters is Nutella.

That makes since, it's the only popular, sweet N-named food that I can think of. We have seen a video of Google peeps brainstorming in the past trying to figure out what the N in Android N will stand for. It certainly can't stand for Android Navy Bean. That's not sweet at all.

Lockheimer has posted some not so subtle images that always have Nutella in the name of products on menus or in search windows behind stuff on his desktop. We all know that there is a competition going on where fans get to suggest N names, but Google has the final say. Lockheimer has been tweeting his love of Nutella since before that contest even began.

Before you think that Nutella wouldn't let Google use its name for an Android flavor, don't forget about KitKat. We could well see store shelves festooned with bottles of Nutella with a little green Android logo peeking out. Before you get too excited and decide this is the name, there is a decent case for this to be trolling on Lockheimer's part. He is said to be quite the online joker. Android Nutella definitely sounds better than Android Nougat or Android Navy Bean. We could call it Android NuGrape, but that doesn't quite roll off the tongue.

SOURCE: Twitter, The Verge