Android Marketplace Introduces In-App Purchases, Currency Settings, Additional Giant Apps

In addition to the rest of the changes made to the Android Marketplace today, Google went on to introduce two giant changes to the way things are run in the Android Marketplace. One of them being the ability for each developer to set their own prices in each currency available. Before, this was automatic, the price being automatically converted for whichever currency the purchaser was using. The other fat change was that developers will now be able to make in-app sales. This is big news when you consider what's going on with Kongregate on Android and the Apple App store stopping some book services from selling in-app.

Radio Disney, Jelly Car, and Tap Tap Revenge are apps coming to the tablet version of Android, each of these having seen some action before in either iOS or a desktop OS. Tap Tap Revenge is the game that's very similar to Dance Dance Revolution or Rock Band except where you'd click and pick and dance in one, you tap your fingers here in the other. In-app purchasing in this game is very similar to that which the iOS version already has set up for the game's songs, each of them appearing to cost right around $1. Jelly Car is a game that's based on the physical movement of the tablet it's being run on — honestly we're not sure why it was introduced here. Radio Disney is an interactive panel between a kid and their favorite Disney-based radio station, giving them options like Hannah Montana and the Beebs. Disney Mobile is releasing all three of these (hopefully this means that Disney Mobile is back in the USA and will release their fabulous Galapagos-based phone here – fancy!