Android Marketplace Changes Detailed - Webstore Now Also Browser Based

Today Chris Yerga showed the world the Android Market Webstore. This is a browser based Android Marketplace as shown here: Your Entire Music Library in The Cloud, Streamed to Your Android Device, Announced Today. This new market is reminiscent of what Apple has set up in the App Store, but apps here are download from the browser directly to your device. High resolution banners, giant icons, and fuller descriptions of apps now appear for developers to better show off their apps.

Screenshots are still here, more space is allotted for information from the developers, and there's now a buy button that pops up, asking for permissions and the device you'd like to download the app to. Upon purchasing the app, only two clicks later (or one if an app is free), the app is downloading to your device.

YouTube videos are another form of promotion you can now insert into your app listing, as is a Tweet button that's added up in the right hand corner of your app listing. Links from Twitter here link you to the right page on your browser, or if you're on your phone, leads directly to the handheld version of the Android Marketplace. This marketplace is live right now, and you can access it directly by clicking here: