Android Ice Cream Next, Will Bring Honeycomb To Handsets

In an anonymous message send first to the folks at Phandroid, a source familiar with the inner workings of Google and Android has told the world that Honeycomb will indeed be coming to handsets, but not directly. Instead, in a working build by the name of GRI17, the elements that will be necessary for the Android handset line to advance and be compatible with Honeycomb (for syncing, porting, etc,) there'll be a new version of Android by the name of – Ice Cream. Everyone in their right mind expected this name to be next, but how many Android watchers expected the flavor to have a dip of honey?

This evolution does make perfect sense, as questions have been being asked of Honeycomb in this vein since its inception, always to the answer of "sort of," or "there won't be any Honyecomb for handsets" always implying something else was there, noone quite being able to place a finger on it. When will this Ice Cream version of Android be released? We've got a hunch they're already at work on it, but have doubts that it'll be released any time before the 3rd quarter of 2011. We've got Mobile World Congress 2011 to go through, this next generation of "superphones" with Gingerbread to look at... just too much to introduce another operating system so fast.

How about that, though, all the lovely features you saw this week from Honeycomb, now on your handset? I'd love to get my hands on that music app, maybe that 3D gallery, and for sure I'd love to get my sync on. All in due time, fellows and ladies, all in due time.

[Via Android Community]