Android hacker Koush makes mobile internet tethering undetectable by carriers

When the idea that your smartphone's data connection would be able to be shared by your laptop with no additional charge, everyone seemed to be on board – over the past year, carriers have started up extra costs for this and have struck down all attempts by apps to sidestep the process – until now. What one of the most well-known hacker/developers in the world Koushik Dutta, aka Koush, has done is to create a non-market app that allows you to use your smartphone as an internet hotspot, doing so without adding costs to you beyond what that data would cost to you on your smartphone on its own. And it's completely (nearly) undetectable by carriers.

Koush is known for his involvement with ClockworkMod Recovery, the most popular custom Android recovery software for hackers and developers working with custom ROMs. What this app represents is a non-root (non-hacked) application which ties your computer to your smartphone, giving the former access to the internet through the latter's already in-place connection. This is not the first time such an app has been created, but it's certainly the best shot we've currently got at making such a combination work right this moment.

The app is in an Alpha state right now, meaning there's very possibly some bugs that need to be worked out before a stable release can be claimed, but what we're hearing so far is that it's undeniable solid for such a classification. The version out right this moment is set to expire on the 7th of January, so unless you plan on helping out with development, we suggest you wait until then when the next version is out. This app will likely never see a release on the Android Market because it would be quickly stricken down by the powers that be, but the download is free through Koush. Download the first release through Koush's G+ page.

[via Android Community]