Android “Flip Phone” Concept with Three Flexible AMOLED Touchscreens

Chris Burns - Jan 19, 2011
Android “Flip Phone” Concept with Three Flexible AMOLED Touchscreens

Well would you look at that, the perfect phone. All it took was a couple extra panels and there it was, all conceptualized and turned into a short ad for the world to see. This is a vision of a smartphone that takes the idea of flipping out an extra section (for a keyboard, for a speaker, etc.,) and took it a couple steps further. Designer Kristian Ulrich Larsen presents one lovely triangle.

I must remind you here again that this is a conceptual design, and is thusly not entirely built with the current state of technology in mind. Take a peek at the video below “What is being creative?” Starring we believe Kristian Larsen herself, taking this phone PAST the production stage and releasing it as a real product via a lovely two minute ad.

The screens are covered with Gorilla Glass, each of the screens is a flexible Super AMOLED (somehow both of these things are possible,) there’s steel mesh holding each screen to the next, LED colored lines run along several sides, and the rest is made of aluminum. Oh, and it’s an Android.

[Via Yanko Design]

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