Android Evernote app gets new homescreen widget

Shane McGlaun - Sep 29, 2015, 8:00 am CDT
Android Evernote app gets new homescreen widget

Fans of Evernote on Android devices can now get a new home screen widget to make accessing their app more convenient. The widget comes with an update to Evernote for Android. If you are thinking that Evernote always had a homescreen widget, you are right. That old widget was a separate application that had to be installed and Evernote describes that as “clunky.”

The updated app has streamlined functionality and is similar to use, plus it’s baked directly into Evernote so no extra app is needed for that homescreen widget. The new widget adds a lot of power to the homescreen of your device for Evernote users, and users can choose from three different widget types.

There is an actions button, action bar, and a list. The actions widget is small at 1×1 size and allows the user to take quick notes, access the camera, and perform searches. The Action Bar is 4×1 in size and allows users to select from 11 different actions to create their own best of features list for easy access.

The List Widget is 4×2, has shortcuts to key actions, and allows the user to choose a list of notes from a source of their choice. Users can designate a specific notebook to use recent notes. The list can also be populated with reminders. A new tool called simple note has also debuted that lets users jump straight into taking a note. The update brings Evernote for Android to version 7.2 and is available now.

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