Android enabled with app installs inside Google Search

Chris Burns - Jan 18, 2016, 5:04pm CST
Android enabled with app installs inside Google Search

As tipped a few weeks ago, Google is now rolling out the Android ability to install apps from search results. While it’s not clear which devices will get this ability, it does seem that it’ll be spread to all new smartphones and tablets in releases through the future. If you have Android Marshmallow, you’re probably going to be in luck. If you have a Nexus smartphone or tablet or plan on buying one in the near future, you’re also probably in luck.

The folks at Android Police suggest there are enough people getting this update that we’re likely in the early stages of a much larger cross-section of Android users and Android users that have this feature.

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What’s the big deal, exactly?

You’ll soon be able to use Google’s smart search system to not only search for apps and see apps (like you’re able now), you’ll be able to install apps from the Google Search app as well. This takes away a step from the process currently in place, making everything easier for everyone.

This installation system will likely be appearing in search results for Android devices in the Google app, otherwise known as the Google Search app. Those iPhone users hoping to get this feature will likely feel the sting of non-compliance.

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