Android Device Manager app is one Google hopes you’ll never have to use

Chris Burns - Dec 11, 2013, 2:33pm CST
Android Device Manager app is one Google hopes you’ll never have to use

This week Google has released the app version of their device location service, this working with your machine’s opt-in ability to be tracked (by you). What users will be doing with the Android Device Manager app is locating their full collection of Android devices, should they ever need to, using their device’s GPS and Wi-fi signal locators.

This app works more or less the same as the web-based version of the Android Device Manager, pinging the full collection of Android devices you’ve signed up with the service. If you’re seeing your device appearing halfway across the planet, you’ll be able to remotely shut it off or add a new screen lock so that whoever has stolen it won’t be able to gain access.

“Location data from your devices will be collected and sent to Google. Device location is approximate, and may not always be accurate.

If you believe your device has been stolen, please contact law enforcement. Do not attempt to retrieve the device yourself.”

If you’re looking for the phone you’re holding, you’ll find the app simply suggesting that it is, in fact, in your hand. This is particularly helpful if you don’t know what your smartphone’s device name is – just ask!

This app is free and is part of Google’s ever-expanding services collection that add value to the entire ecosystem. This also ushers in the simple icon looking a whole lot like a target button that’s now placed on the Android Device Manager website and app. Have a peek at the web interface and find your devices now, or head to the Google Play Store and seek out the title there. It’s all live right this minute.

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